Action Crime

Nov 2023

57 Seconds – The Show must go on

Sadly, in this film, we will miss the German voice of Morgan Freeman, Jürgen Kluckert, who passed away at the time of the voice recordings for this film. With Klaus-Dieter Klebsch, who, in our opinion, did a fantastic job, we hope to have found an adequate replacement.

After blogger Franklin Fox (Josh Hutcherson, voiced by Ricardo Richter) thwarts an assassination attempt on the visionary entrepreneur Anton Burrell (Morgan Freeman) during a product presentation, he discovers a mysterious ring that allows its wearer to travel 57 seconds back in time. As Franklin realizes his newfound power, driven by revenge, he uses it to dismantle the pharmaceutical company he holds responsible for his sister’s death. However, the short time travels set off a chain of terrible events, forcing him into a fight for survival where every second counts.