Kyle (Dan Mor) is a prisoner of war and he is rescued by the leader of the rebellion, Hatch (Mark Redpath) under one condition: he has to fulfill one final mission for the rebels. Kyle agrees, but his space ship crashes on an abandoned moon. There are no humans anywhere, yet Kyle comes across dangerous creatures again and again. After one of the creatures attacks and injures him, Kyle notices that his body slowly changes. Something must have infected him, because he is losing his senses for growing periods of time.

Original Title:  Arrowhead
Production Country / Year: Australia 2015
Director: Jesse O’Brian
Cast: Christopher Kirby, Dan Mor, Shaun Micallef

Dialogue Director:  Rainer Raschewski
Dialogue Script: Jörg Hartung

German Voice Actors: Frank Schaff, Maud Ackermann, Klaus Lochthove u.a.