El club de los incomprendidos

The life of 17 year old Valeria is falling apart. It is already bad enough that her parents are getting divorced and now she has to move to Madrid with her mother against her will. At the new school she is in trouble right away and is put in detention for several weeks. But there is also a good side to it: This group of Nonconformists is quickly becoming friends and there is Raúl. Maybe this new live isn’t so bad after all.

Original Title: El club de los incomprendidos
Production Country / Year: Spain 2014
Director: Carlos Sedes
Cast: Charlotte Vega, Àlex Maruny, Ivana Baquero u. a.

Dialogue Director: Marion Machado Quintela
Dialogue Script: Marion Machado Quintela

German Voice Actors: Lina Rabea Mohr, Ricardo Richter, Giovanna Wintefeldt, Amelie Plaas-Link, Dirk Petrick, Raul Richter, Victoria Frenz, Anja Nestler, Benjamin Stöwe, Simon Derksen, Laurine Betz, Amadeus Strobl, Jenny Maria Meyer, Janine Kreß, Anna Gamburg, Simone Jaeger, Bettina Kenney, Christina Wöllner, Heiko Akrap, Christian Holdt, Christopher Kohn, Benno Lehmann, Sven Brieger