The Corpse of Anna Fritz

Anna Fritz, Spain’s biggest movie star and one of the most admired women of the world, dies unexpectedly. Her body is stored in a morgue, where timid Pau works. Pau is transfixed by the mortal remains of the young woman. So are his half-drunk friends Ivan and Javi, who are visiting him at work. They are unable to resist the temptation of seeing the naked body of the formerly untouchable beauty with their own eyes. But looking at her is soon not enough for the three men and they go beyond what is decent. And then, Anna suddenly opens her eyes.

Original Title: El cadáver de Anna Fritz
Production Country / Year: Spain 2015
Director: Hèctor Hernández Vicens
Cast: Albert Carbó, Alba Ribas, Bernat Saumell u. a.

Dialogue Director: Marion Machado Quintela
Dialogue Script: Matthias Müntefering

German Voice Actors: Raul Richter, Kaya Marie Möller, Bastian Sierich, Peter Lontzek, Otto Strecker, Harriet Kracht, Janine Kreß, Frank Kirschgens, Nils Nelleßen, Katja Schmitz, Gerrit Hamann