Dragged across concrete

A gathering of (dubbing) stars took place at our little studio in May/June this year. The Munich distributor Square One entrusted us with creating the German version of S. Craig Zahler’s second masterpiece, Dragged Across Concrete. Apart from rendering the sparse yet demanding dialogues, scheduling our stars was arguably the greatest challenge here. Thus Udo Kier, for example, was recorded in Palm Springs, California.

Original Title: Dragged across concrete

Production Country / Year: Canada USA / 2018
Regie: S.Craig Zahler
Cast: Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn, Don Johnson, Thomas Kretschmann, Udo Kier, Jennifer Carpenter u.a.

Dialogue Director: Rainer Raschewski
Dialogue Script: Jan Fabian Krüger

German Voice Actors: Jürgen Heinrich (Mel Gibson / Brett Ridgeman), Stefan Fredrich (Vince Vaughn / Anthony Lurasetti), Reed Reins (Don Johnson / Chief Lt. Calert), Thomas Kretschmann (Thomas Kretschmann / Lorentz Vogelmann), Udo Kier (Udo Kier (Udo Kier / Friedrich), Ilona Otto (Jennifer Carpenter / Kelly Summer) u.a.

Date of release RRP Media: 08 / 2019

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