Drama Romance


Three Steps Above Heaven

Babi and Hugo are from completely different worlds: She is a girl from a sheltered upper-class home, he is an impulsive rebel who loves to take a risk and ride in illegal motorcycle races. When they meet, it is the beginning of a love that is not supposed to be, yet draws them inevitably to each other more and more. Does their relationship stand a chance at all?

Original Title: Tres metros sobre el cielo
Production Country / Year: Spain 2010
Director: Fernando González Molina
Cast: Mario Casas, María Valverde, Marina Salas, Álvaro Cervantes u. a.

Dialogue Director: Uschi Hugo & Rainer Raschewski
Dialogue Script: Tina Bartel

German Voice Actors: Florian Hoffmann, Lydia Morgenstern, Kaya Marie Möller, Carsten Otto, Amelie Plaas-Link, Sylvia Mißbach, Gerrit Hamann, Amadeus Strobl, Antje Thiele, Tobias Lelle, Tino Kießling, Anna Amalie Blomeyer, Bastian Sierich, Juana von Jascheroff, Christian Zeiger u. a.