The Duff

Bianca, Jess and Casey have been best friends since childhood and are still inseparable at high school. But then heartthrob Wesley tells Bianca that everybody only thinks of her as the DUFF: the Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Bianca angrily confronts her friends, who have no clue what is happening. Finally, their fight escalates into unfriending each other on all social media outlets and Bianca is turning for advice to Wesley, of all people. He is the one to help her get rid of the ugly label. Easier said than done, since Wesley’s ex-girlfriend Madison tries to sabotage Bianca with all available means.

Original Title: THE DUFF
Production Country / Year: USA 2015
Director: Ari Sandel
Cast: Mae Whitman, Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell u. a.

Dialogue Director: Rainer Raschewski
Dialogue Script: Lorenz Bethmann

German Voice Actors: Marie-Luise Schramm, Bastian Sierich, Maresa Sophie Sedlmeir, Lina Rabea Mohr, Jacqueline Bell, Axel Malzacher, Nick Forsberg, Tim Moeseritz, Karin Buchholz, Anna Gamburg, Gerrit Hamann, Benno Lehmann, Fabian Kluckert, Benjamin Krause, Benjamin Stöwe, Anna Amalie Blomeyer, Nora Friedrich, Anja Mentzendorff, Melinda Rachfahl, Peggy Pollow, Heiko Akrap, Peter Becker, Christopher Kohn, Julian Tennstedt, Felix Isenbügel, Janine Kreß, Gabi Schramm-Philipp, Antje Thiele, Stefan Bergel