Drama Comedy Crime

Apr 2023

Florida Man

One highlight chases the next and so we are proud to have worked on a special series and provided the German dubbing on “Florida Man”: The indebted ex-cop Mike Valentine returns to his home state, where he gets involved in a dubious treasure hunt, the kind that can only happen to a true “Florida Man”.

In order to do justice to this unusual story and its special characters, we conducted elaborate castings in advance and in the end were able to engage two of Germany’s best-known and most characteristic dubbing voices, among others: Klaus-Dieter Klebsch, known as the German voice of, among others, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Laurie and Josh Brolin speaks Sonny Valentine and Alexander Doering, the German voice of Sam Worthington, Henry Cavill and many more speaks Mike Valentine.

With so much charisma, you just can’t resist a series marathon. We say: A great series, exciting to the end.