Music Romance



Just before a really important performance with her Hip Hop Crew Kelli has to go to India with her family to attend a wedding and thereby letting her crew down. And although the trip starts out as a forced vacation for the young American, it turns into something else and positive completely: In Mumbai, Kelli meets the charming Indian Aseem, who is just as passionate about dancing as she is. They are getting closer, bringing together not only opposing cultures with exotic rhythms and sexy dance moves. But the main question on their roller coaster of feelings still needs to be answered: Do they have a chance at love?

Original Title:  HEARTBEATS
Production Country / Year:  USA 2017
Director: Duane Adler
Cast: Krystal Ellsworth, Amitash Pradhan, Justin Chon, Daphne Zunig

Dialogue Director: Torsten Sense
Dialogue Script: Andrea Greul

German Voice Actors: Maria Burkhard (Kelly), Christopher Kohn (Aseem), Alice Bauer (Deepika), Karin Grüger (Michelle), Bernd Vollbrecht (Richard) u.a.