It’s the beginning of the 23rd century: an elite troop is sent to INFINI, a mining station at the edge of the universe. They are supposed to recover Whit Carmichael, sole survivor of a devastating accident in the laboratory. There, at the remote outpost, a horrible picture is awaiting the experienced soldiers and slowly they realize, that there is something lurking in the depths of the station, which is not only a danger to their own lives…

Original Title: Infini
Production Country / Year: Australien 2015
Director: Shane Abbess
Cast: Daniel MacPherson, Grace Huang, Luke Hemsworth u. a.

Dialogue Director: Torsten Sense
Dialogue Script: Jörg Hartung

German Voice Actors:  Bastian Sierich, Réné Dawn-Claude, Robert Glatzeder, Ingo Albrecht, Gerrit Hamann, Greta Galisch, Bernd Vollbrecht, Erich Räuker, Sebastian Christoph Jacob, Simon Derksen, Josephine Schmidt, Daniela Thuar, Elke Appelt, Peter Sura, Janine Kreß, Ilka Metzner, Katja Schmitz, Jessica Walther-Gabory, Matthias Bernhold, Stefan Bräuler, Matthias Friedrich, Dennis Sandmann