Stage Fright

Some think it’s heaven on earth, some consider it pure hell: a summer camp for young people who love musicals. This is the one place, where they can once per year indulge in dancing and singing under the guidance of has-been musical producers without being beaten up by their class mates. This season, The Haunting of the Opera is on the schedule. Which is not a good idea, since that brings a masked murderer in the game that has a very different taste in music.

Original Title: Stage Fright
Production Country / Year: Canada 2014
Director: Jerome Sable
Cast: Minnie Driver, Meat Loaf, Allie MacDonald, Douglas Smith u. a.

Dialogue Director: Peter Lontzek
Dialogue Script: Thomas Maria Lehmann

German Voice Actors: Irina von Bentheim, Kaspar Eichel, Julia Stoepel, Amadeus Strobl, Peter Lontzek, Dirk Stollberg, Maximiliane Häcke, Patrick Baehr, Dirk Petrick, Katrin Jaehne u. a.