The smell of us

Unlike his breakthrough debut Kids and Wassup Rockers, Larry Clarke’s new film is not set in his hometown of LA, but in Paris – the city of love, as they say. But Larry wouldn’t be Larry if he didn’t explore his own very personal view of love. The everyday lives of a group of rent boys, some of them very young, is told in a laconic, almost documentary style and presented in all its brutality and peculiarity and of course, as always, without a proper screenplay or script. The same was true of Wassup Rockers. Otherwise anyone could do it, right?

In The Smell, too, we again had to go to some unusual lengths to create an effective German version. While for Rockers we engaged a couple of guys from a Neukölln street gang, this time we thought it best to entrust our extremely talented colleague, the actor Rainer Fritzsche, with the writing and directing. The only catch – he had never directed before! A risk that more than paid off. Check it out. We’d love to read your comments on it on Facebook!

Original Title: The smell of us

Production Country / Year: FR 2014
Regie: Larry Clark
Cast: Lukas Ionesco, Diane Rouxel, Théo Cholbi a. o.

Dialogue Director: Rainer Fritzsche
Dialogue Script: Rainer Fritzsche

German Voice Actors: Sebastian Fitzner (Math), Lina Rabea Mohr (Marie), Julius Jellinek (Pacman), David Wittmann (JP), David Kunze (Guillaume) a. o.

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