Anime Kids


“Trash Truck”

“Trash Truck”, a series for preschoolers created by Max Keane and executive produced by Oscar-winning animator Glen Keane, follows 6-year-old Hank as he goes on adventures with his best friend – a giant honking, snorting trash truck. RRP-Media was proud to demonstrate it’s dubbing versatility across this children’s series.

Original Title: Trash Truck
Country / Year: USA 2020
Created by: Max Keane
Directed by: Glen Keane
Starring: Henry Keane, Glen Keane, Jackie Loeb, Brian Baumgartner, Max Keane, Megan Keane, Olive Keane, Lucas Neff

Dub Dialogue Director: Gordon Rijnders
Dub Dialogue Book: Gordon Rijnders

Voice Actor: Mika Hinz, Johannes Raspe, Kevin Kraus